Hi, These categories are so you know what sort of audience our talks are aimed at - in terms of technical knowledge. Everyone is welcome to all meetings, we're just hoping to set expectations correctly.



No preknowledge expected / everything will be explained. Will be of interest to people who want to know "what is Linux?", or who thought that this was the West Coast Penguin Trust.



Suitable for those just starting out with Linux and exploring what applications are available. They have Linux installed somewhere and know how to use the desktop, but maybe not the command-line. Jargon and terms may need to be explained. Topics that are useful for home or small office computing.



Could get technical. It's assumed the audience knows how to install software and change configurations, and that they are reasonably comfortable using the command line. With talks about networks of many computers and public-facing systems live on the Internet.



Lets talk about network caches and RCU thread synchronization. Probably most suitable for IT professionals (programmer or system administrator). May involve source code.